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Interpretation activities

It is worth to translate not only the words but also the thoughts during the interpretation process. Avoid embarrassing situations and assign interpretation to a real expert!

Interpretation types undertaken by us

Be it about accompanying interpretation, consecutive interpretation or even simultaneous (synchronous) interpretation, we are at your disposal!

We can provide interpreters following a preliminary consultation one week prior to the planned date of interpretation. During the telephone consultation, please specify the given field in this the interpretation is going to take place, in order to be able to select a colleague who has the greatest professional experience in the given field.

Accompanying interpretation

The simplest interpretation. As it is shown by the term, in this case the interpreter accompanies the smaller or larger group which does not speak the language of the country, and he resolves the interpretation tasks usually in different locations and frequently with different partners. It is characterized by a relaxed, informal atmosphere. During an accompanying translation, the interpreter works in business meetings, informal meetings for a relatively small number of listeners, furthermore, he accompanies them during the visits of shops, factories, trade fairs or other events.

Consecutive interpretation

The work “consecutive” is of Latin origin, meaning “one following the other”. In such case the interpreter translates the words of the speaker to another language after the speaker finished their speech, or hold a pause.
Consecutive interpretation is applied usually in conferences, events or exhibitions, but it can be useful also in negotiations and meetings. Given the nature of the dialogue, here the so called short-section consecutive interpretation is the most effective version.

Simultaneous (synchronous) interpretation

It is the most demanding version of interpretation with the highest professional requirements for the interpreter. During simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter usually sits in a closed cabin, listens to the speech of the speaker via headphones and says the translation into a microphone, almost simultaneously with the original text, which means significant time savings. It provides an excellent solution mostly in multilingual conferences, professional events, furthermore, trainings, shows or multinational corporate environment.
tolmácsolás For the duration of the order, the interpreter becomes your confidant. Everyone tries to select carefully their trusted colleagues. Not only the words but also the thoughts must be translated during the interpretation process. Avoid embarrassing situations and assign interpretation to a real expert!