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When NOT to choose us? If you are satisfied with rough, appropriate translations, we are NOT the right choice for them! Please do not send such inquiries to our agency., or GB Europont Translation Agency

We founded GB Europont Translation Agency Ltd. in 2006. Together with my business partners, we were motivated to create a reliable and professional, but affordable translation agency with an extensive translator database.
Our client base includes various companies, non-profit organisations and private individuals, too. During the fulfilment of our orders - in addition to precision - we strive for speed and compliance with the undertaken deadlines under all circumstances.

For the start, the more than ten years of experience in translation and interpretation served as a good basis, and the knowledge gained in those years served as important milestones in the design process of our company’s business model. Simply, reliably, at an affordable price! What do these high-sounding words mean?

tiszta és átlátható Clear and transparent From the very beginning, in our translation agency we are committed to make it clear for the client in the easiest way possible, after a phone call or an e-mail, immediately, what the expected deadline and price of the translation is, so that our client can use the prepared translation in the requested format as soon as possible, without any surprises!

tiszta és átlátható Fast and reliable, as we always keep what we undertake, under all circumstances. The given translation is always prepared by the translator who has the best knowledge of that specific field.

tiszta és átlátható Reasonable price! Our clients experience many times that we work at lower prices than a freelance translator. This is because of the regular orders and predictability towards our colleagues. It is important to mention here that a well-organized translation agency takes over the problem from the client, starting from the work with the colleague who has the greatest knowledge of the field.

tiszta és átlátható Predictable, as in case of a freelance translators unforeseeable events may occur anytime, the agreed deadline may be delayed and, last but not least, at us you can arrange your translation requirement in any language via a contact person, respectively, also the proofreading by a native speaker.

Nowadays we are proud of our determining role fulfilled in the market of translation. We have a database of about 300 translations.

Since our foundation we have translated more than 25,000 pages, which means the translation of more than 10 million characters per year for about 200 permanent partners.

I hope that we can soon welcome you, too as one of our partners!


Kind regards,
Krisztina Matyi
Managing Director