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Translation of 10 million characters per year
We undertake translations in 34 languages
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Who carries out the translation? How much does a translation cost? How much time is needed for the translation? We answer your questions!

fordítás We summarized the questions and answers which occur the most frequently in case of need for a translation. If you need more information, please contact our customer service!

Who carries out the translation? / What are the working practices of the translation agency?

As we are familiar with and utilize all typical properties of our colleagues, we are able to select the most suitable staff for your text to be translated.
Our colleagues involved in the translations are professionals in the given foreign language, with several years of experience in translation and interpretation. Based on their basic qualifications, life experience, personal field of interest and affinity, the translations are classified in groups, thus your text to be translated is forwarded to an expert of the given topic.

Which document formats can we translate?

Our translation agency undertakes to translate files in any format, of any type, typed or edited. If we receive the document to be translated in a non-editable format, we prepare the translation as a so called loan translation, which means that the translated text will have a same layout as the original document.

Would like to know how much is the expected price of the translation? Get a quote:

Please send an e-mail to our translation agency with the file attached, to the following e-mail address:
We are available 12 hours a day to our customers, and we send a reply with a qoute to all inquiries in 1 hour.

How much time is needed for the translation?

The time necessary for the translation is greatly influenced by the nature, specialty or professional character of the text. Based on the practical experience, it can be said that from a general European text, a translator is able to translate approximately 10-12,000 characters per working day, but you can find more details about the practical characteristics of the given translation in the menu item Languages, at the selected foreign language. If you would like to get information about the expected translation time, we can determine a specific offer after viewing the text.

How can the time needed for translation be shortened? The solution is that if it is allowed by the text type and the possibilities, the translation can be carried out simultaneously by more translators by the division of the text, without compromising the homogeneity of the finished translation. However, it should be emphasized that in case of special texts with a unique vocabulary this method is not recommended.

How can you place an order for the translation?

Simply: Please send an e-mail to our translation agency to the following e-mail address: with the following attached:
The order must contain the following:
- the name and contact details (address and telephone number) of the client, and the tax number,
- the billing address, postal address and bank account number,
and, of course, the text to be translated.

Official translation or authentic translation?

Upon the relevant request of our clients, our translation agency undertakes to add an official certification clause to the finished translations. Nowadays several Hungarian, respectively, foreign institutions ask for official translations, e.g. in case of certificates, contracts, birth certificates, work abroad, or requests for family allowances abroad, etc.

In case of official translations, we certify by a certification clause (cover page) in English or Hungarian language that the given translation is fully identical to the original source-language copy, with respect to its content and form. An official translation consists of 3 parts: a cover page in Hungarian or English language (depending on the country in which the translation will be used), the translation itself and the original text in the source language, all these stapled with a thread bearing the colours of the national flag, with a round stamp and the authorized signature of our translation agency, together with an official English seal (official translation).

Attention! Official translation is not the same as authentic translation.

We would like to draw the attention of our clients to the fact that official translations are not the same with authentic translations, as - pursuant to the current legislation - in Hungary only the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd. (OFFI) is eligible to issue authentic translations (according to Section 5 of Decree No. 24/1986 (VI.26.) of the Council of Ministers on translation and interpretation ) .

In case a translation of an official document (certificate, maturity certificate, legal documents, bank statements, etc.) is necessary for a Hungarian authority, organisation or institution, we suggest our clients to inquire whether a state-certified AUTHENTIC translation is needed, or an OFFICIAL one, for the certificate of compliance. In the first case, in Hungary only OFFI is eligible to authenticate the translation, otherwise we can prepare, proofread and certify the translation, too. However, abroad the certification by other Hungarian translation agencies is accepted, too; e.g. in case of employment-related documents, tender documents, birth certificates, contracts and agreements, certificates, legal documents, etc.
The fee of an official translation is the translation fee + 30%.

How do you receive the finished translation?

According to you request, our translation agency forwards you the translated document by e-mail or by post.

Payment terms:

Our company considers the day on which the completed translation was sent as the value date of performance. The payment deadline of the invoice on the translation fee is normally 8 calendar days. We send the invoice by post to the address indicated in the order.

How long do we keep the translation?

Our translation agency stores the prepared translations electronically for 1 year, which means that it is possible to request another copy of it or refer to it during this period. If you have different requirements, please inform us about it latest when the translation is finished.


Translation is a work of trust, to which we pay a special attention in the working relationship with our clients. Our company considers confidentiality and secrecy essential, and it is respected also by our administrative associates, translators and interpreters.
The ethics of translation obliges translators to keep the processed documents confidential. After the completion of the translation task, no knowledge, professional secrets or information, obtained by our colleagues can be disclosed to any third party or used for their own purposes.